Past News



Auckland Pre-Christmas Lunch 2016

Clan Donald Auckland 18th Annual Dinner

41st Auckland Highland Games

Hororata Highland Games – Canterbury

Hawkes Bay Scottish Dinner

Piper Blair Hodson: New Zealand Grade B Champion

High Commissioner’s Report

23rd Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo


Clan Donald Canterbury Christmas Function

Auckland Pre-Christmas Lunch

World Town Crying Festival

Upper Hutt Highland Gathering

The 40th Auckland Highland Games

Clan Donald Canterbury Trip to Geraldine

Auckland Scottish Clans Association 10th Annual Dinner

Waipu Celtic Barn Grand Opening

Kirking of the Tartan

Clan Donald 5th Annual General Meeting and Dinner

Clan Donald Auckland 17th Annual Dinner

Paeroa Highland Games

Turakina Highland Games

Clan Donald Canterbury AGM

Waipu Highland Games


Canterbury Christmas Party

Auckland Pre-Christmas Lunch

The 39th Auckland Highland Games

Alan MacDonald, New High Commissioner

Auckland Annual Dinner

Canterbury Tartan Day Luncheon

North Island Commissioner for Clan Donald New Zealand

Queen’s Birthday Weekend in Auckland

New President for Clan Donald New Zealand

Clan Donald New Zealand 4th Annual General Meeting and Dinner

Clan Donald Canterbury Branch Meeting

21st Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo

Clan Donald Canterbury AGM, Branch Meeting and BBQ

Turakina Highland Games

Waipu Highland Games


New Year’s Eve in Waipu

Auckland Christmas Luncheon

Clan Donald Canterbury Christmas Dinner 2013

Clan Donald Canterbury Meeting 24 November 2013

38th Auckland Highland Games

Commonwealth Games, Queen’s Baton Relay

Clan Donald Canterbury’s Weekend Trip to Hanmer Springs

Air Force Museum Auckland Visit

Crofter’s Luncheon Auckland

Clan Donald Canterbury Whisky Tasting

Clan Donald Canterbury’s Annual Ten Pin Bowling Match with Clan Gunn

Clan Donald New Zealand 3rd Annual General Meeting and Dinner

50% Discount on Scots Heritage Magazine

Clan Donald Canterbury’s Hat and Limerick Party, Apr 2013

Canterbury Waipara Valley Visit, Mar 2013

ANZAC Conference of Clan Donald 2013

Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo, Feb 2013

Canterbury AGM, Feb 2013


New Zealand – Scottish Friendship Group, Dec 2012

Hogmanay and the Waipu Highland Games, Dec 2012

Canterbury Christmas Luncheon, Dec 2012

Auckland Highland Games, Nov 2012

Auckland Whiskey Tasting, Oct 2012

Canterbury Wii Night, Oct 2012

Angelique MacDonald, Summer 2012

Lara Hornby’s Summer in Scotland, Summer 2012

Auckland Clans Association Annual Dinner, Sept 2012

Auckland Grammar Old Boy Presents Kilts to Auckland Grammar Pipe Band, Sept 2012

Hawke’s Bay Kirking of the Tartan, July 2012

Clan Donald Canterbury Pie and Pint Night, July 2012

Drones and Sticks Pipe Band, June 2012

Clan Donald Canterbury’s Annual Ten Pin Bowling Match with Clan Gunn, June 2012

Great Success for Clan Donald Piper in Australia, May 2012

Clan Donald New Zealand Second Annual General Meeting, May 2012

Patron’s Premiere Dinner, May 2012

Past President of Clan Donald Auckland Presented with New Zealand Defence Service Medal by Prime Minister

Clan Donald Canterbury’s Annual General Meeting, February 2012

Clan Donald Auckland’s Annual General Meeting, March 2012

Clan Donald Canterbury’s Garden Day, March 2012

Letter from Lara Hornby, Winter 2012


A Review of Clan Donald Hawkes Bay, 2011

Hogmanay and 140th Highland Games at Waipu, New Year’s Weekend 2011

Paeroa Highland Games & Tattoo, 12 February 2011

Clan Donald Hawke’s Bay Attends Highland Games, Easter 2011

Laird’s Dinner, 14 May 2011

Clan Donald New Zealand First Annual General Meeting, 21 May 2011

Old MacDonald Had a Farm…, 11 June 2011

Crofter’s Ceilidh, 11 June 2011

Hawkes Bay Kirking of the Tartan, 18 September 2011

Canterbury Kirking of the Tartan, 2 October 2011

Ghillies Luncheon, 29 October 2011

Clan Donald Canterbury’s Trip to Dunedin, November 2011

Hororata Highland Games, 5 November 2011


Clan Donald Canterbury Bowl Them Over Down South, 30 May 2010

Donald MacDonald Webster, 29 August 2010

Clan Donald Auckland Ceilidh, 25 September 2010

Clan Donald Hawke’s Bay: Napier Caledonian Society Parade, 9 October 2010

Clan Donald Auckland Crofters Luncheon, 13 November 2010

Clan Donald Hawke’s Bay: St. Andrew’s Dinner, 30 November 2010

Clan Donald Hawke’s Bay: Lions Club Book Sale, Christmas 2010