Hororata Highland Games 2023



The 12th Hororata Highland Games were held on Saturday 11 November 2023. It was a beautiful, sunny day and a large crowd was in attendance all day.

This year there were 23 Clans occupying the stalls set up in St Andrews Square. Clan Donald was there in force with an early set up of our stall largely completed by our President, Ann Smith and Secretary/Treasurer, Maggie Donald by the time our band of helpers arrived. We appreciated having the additional assistance all day, of Roz McKechnie from Clan Donald, Otago.

A very moving Armistice Day remembrance was held in St Andrews Square at 11.11 am, with music provided by Willie Mcarthur for the ceremony and throughout the day.


Armistice Day remembrance ceremony.


At midday, three of our Clan Donald members carried banners in the parade for the Chieftains Welcoming Ceremony and official opening. Our Clan Donald banner was carried by Maggie Donald (Secretary/Treasurer), The Scottish Society of New Zealand by Gordon McIvor (Chief) and the Canterbury Scottish Heritage Council by Ann Smith (President).


Clan Donald members (left to right), Maggie Donald, Gordon McIvor and Ann Smith ready to carry their banners in the parade for the Chieftains Welcoming Ceremony.


A steady stream of visitors including Clan Donald Canterbury members, friends and those who wished to discuss and further explore their Scottish heritage kept us busy. We are very fortunate to have the assistance of several members who are very proactive at engaging with the many visitors to St Andrews Square. We had one of our most successful recruitments, gaining 15 new members. The challenge now for us is to work to get these new members to attend our meetings and events. We are finding the monthly Scottish evening held at the Rose and Thistle Tavern to be an excellent opportunity for new members to meet some of our clan members in a very relaxed, informal environment.


Brent Tomlinson (Clan Donald Canterbury) and Roz McKechnie (Clan Donald Otago) talking to visitors at St Andrews Square.


Clan Donald Canterbury members picture left to right, Maggie Donald, Alan MacDonald and Ann Smith.


Clan Donald members pictured left to right, Maggie Donald, Sheila Cuthbertson, Brent Tomlinson, Linda Giles, Ann Smith, Gordon McIvor, Alan MacDonald, Kevin Giles and Roz McKechie.




Alan MacDonald

Clan Donald Canterbury