Colin Donald MacDonald (29.11.1925 – 22.09.2020)

Colin Donald MacDonald
29.11.1925 – 22.09.2020

Colin was an amazing person who touched the lives of all in Clan Donald Canterbury. He was a foundation member when the Clan was formed in February 1991, and went on to become President in 1994-1996.

He loved life, family, fun and a dram.

During the early years of the Clan he was a great mentor, and shared his expertise on how to research your genealogy. We were all in awe of his dedication to his own family tree, and were impressed at the hours of research he put in. This lifelong passion put Colin in touch with many Clan Donald members worldwide, and he was fortunate to meet many of them in person as he and Doreen travelled the world.

Later he would take on the role of addressing the Haggis at functions. A role he enjoyed as it included a toast to the piper. (Whisky)

Over the years Colin was a regular attendee at all Clan functions and joined in the spirit of the socials, whether it was dressing up as the ugly sister in our production of Cinderella and the ugly sisters, wearing his kilt at the Scottish outdoor bowls, dressed up for our themed dinners and even provided the tractor for our “Old MacDonald had a farm”. He attended garden tours, wine tastings and how could any of us forget the wonderful car rallies he would put together with Stan.

Also memorable were our socials at 222 Cannon Hill Crescent, the home of Colin and Doreen. That was once we all knew how to find our way there. The views from the balcony always seemed to add to the atmosphere of the night.

Early on we decided that Colin would make a great Father Xmas and he willingly took on this role. His sense of humour and light hearted banter added to the fun of receiving a present.

So to end, how can we sum up our relationship with Colin as a member of the Clan?

He was:
• Loyal – attended as many functions as possible
• Fun – had a wicked sense of humour
• Great story teller – several of us purchased his book , The Life and Times of Ernie O’Neil
• Honest
• Passionate

To finish our story of Colin MacDonald here is a wonderful short poem. “Gone from us”

Gone from us that smiling face,
The cheerful pleasant ways
The heart that won so many friends
In bygone, happy days

A life made beautiful by kindly deeds
A helping hand for others needs
To a beautiful life,
Comes a happy end
He died as he lived,
Everyone’s friend.