Social Evening  –  Clan Donald Canterbury

As a result of Covid-19 several events for this year have had to be cancelled. Therefore to have a get together for Clan members, a social evening was held at Alan MacDonald’s house on Saturday evening 29 August 2020. It was a BYO takeaway food and drink evening attended by 14 members who enjoyed the opportunity to catch up.


Enjoying their takeaway meals are (left to right); Maggie Donald, Andrew Muskee, Raewyn Hinton, Christine Martin, Elwyn Martin, Valerie and Ian Bright.


The only event of the evening was a corporate logo quiz whereby company logos (international and local) had to be identified. Ann Smith was the winner beating Maggie Donald by a half point.


Completing the logo quiz are (left to right); Helen Ring, Maggie Donald, Raewyn Hinton, Christine Martin, Kevin Giles, Ann Smith and Linda Giles.


Hard at work identifying the logos are Andrew Muskee and Ian Bright.


Elwyn Martin and one of our younger members, Phoenix.