Clan Donald New Zealand 10th Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Associated Clan Donald Societies of New Zealand was hosted by Clan Donald Auckland on the afternoon of the 1st of August at the Quality Hotel in Parnell Auckland.

Present were Christine Martin, President/Secretary CDNZ, Andrew Wilkie, High Commissioner, Alan MacDonald, High Commissioner Emeritus, Tom McDonald, North Island Commissioner, Elwyn Martin, South Island Commissioner, Jim Murdoch, President Clan Donald Auckland, Lynnette McDonald, Vice President Clan Donald Auckland, Murdock McDonald, James Donald and Barrie Paterson from Clan Donald Auckland, David McDonald, Vice President Clan Donald Hawke’s Bay, David Moore, President Clan Donald Wellington, and Hilary Pearce and Brent Tomlinson from Clan Donald Canterbury.

There was a complete change of the administration of CDNZ. The outgoing President/ Secretary Christine Martin, Vice President Roz McKechnie and Treasurer Patricia McKechnie were thanked for their contribution over the last few years.

The new committee is President Jim Murdoch, Vice President James Donald, Secretary Tom McDonald and Treasurer Geoff Parry.

The new committee will be working through a programme of review, and more importantly setting the direction for CDNZ into the future. The first task is to appoint a new Editor for the Newsletter, which is an important publication for communicating to the Clan Donald membership throughout New Zealand.

The major advantage with the members of the committee being in Auckland, is that there will be regular monthly meetings, followed by up to date communications to the 6 Clan Donald Societies.