Tartan Day Lunch – Scottish Heritage Council

On July the 19th thirty two members from several Scottish Clans joined  the Scottish Heritage Council for the annual Tartan Day luncheon. The Clans that were in attendance were Clan Ross, Clan Grant, Clan Campbell, Clan Davidson, Clan MacLeod, Clan Cochrane, Clan Johnston/e and twelve members of Clan Donald.

We were slightly later holding the event this year, but it was pleasing that arrangements could still be made for the month of July. Our venue was once again Lincoln University and the two course buffet was enjoyed by all.

The Haggis Party. Ann Smith, President of the Scottish Heritage Council, Ian Grant of Clan Grant, Gordon McIvor, Chief of the Scottish Society and Paul McOscar of Clan Donald.


Gordon McIvor and Ian Grant during the procession of the Haggis Party.


Piper Ann Smith playing during the Haggis Ceremony.


Each year we have an activity to complete, that involves all at the various tables, and provides an opportunity to create fun and laughter. This year we had to write a story made up of set bagpipe tunes. All entries were excellent so all were winners. Below is an excerpt from Clan Donald. The tunes are in italics.

Alex C McGregor was Up early in the Morning, to go to Marie’s Wedding at Borve Castle. The Eavesdropper heard The Men of Argyll under The Old Rustic Bridge fixing Paddy’s Leather Breeches. Old Hag You Have Killed Me said The Black Bear. Golly, The Ale is Dear. The Balmoral Highlanders were singing The Flower of Scotland as they entered the church. Lady Carol, mother of the bride was The Rose Among the Heather as she tripped into The Waters Of Kylesku. The Piper of Drummond played Hail to the Chief as Marie was piped out of the castle. Everyone was told to Have a Dram Before You Go.

It was suggested that the piper play all they tunes but he was overruled…


Dave Gibb of Clan Cochrane reading out his story with Ann Smith.


Christine Toner of Clan Johnstone reads her story to the gathering.