Hororata Highland Games

The 9th annual Hororata Highland Games were held on Saturday 9th November 2019. Although overcast and windy it was a very warm day.


The pipe band leads the parade of the clans.


More than 500 competitors took part in the various events ranging from Highland Dancing to the “Kilted Mile” where competitors race over a mile overcoming several challenges and obstacles on the way.


Contestants in the heavy events in front of the Hororata Pie Stall.


Chieftain this year was Peri Drysdale MBE, Founder and CEO of the fashion companies Snowy Peak and Untouched World which produces ecologically sustainable clothing.

Clan Donald Canterbury continue to draw on their learnings from the workshop on stall presentation at the 2018 Clan Donald Anzac Forum. This year we developed a large new Clan banner for the front of our Clan tent. It was far the most visible Clan tent at the Games.


Pictured from left to right. Elwyn and Christine Martin, Ann Smith, Maggie Donald, Tom and Lynnette McDonald, Alan MacDonald, Gordon McIvor, Roz McKechnie and Brent Tomlinson.


The ancient game of Kubb set up in front of the Clan tents attracted a lot of interest.


The objective of the game of Kubbs is to knock over the wooden blocks (kubbs) by throwing wooden batons at them.


Elwyn Martin, South Island Commissioner and Ann Smith, Canterbury President being interviewed for television in front of our Clan tent.


The North Island Commissioner Tom McDonald and his wife Lynnette from Auckland, along with our Clan Donald NZ Newsletter editor, Roz McKechnie from Otago, joined the Clan Donald Canterbury members attending the Clan Donald tent and assisted throughout the day. We had a steady stream of visitors and were successful in signing up 9 new members.


New members, Cath and Matt Cook with High Commissioner, Alan MacDonald.


Ann Smith (Canterbury President) and Maggie Donald (Canterbury Secretary).