CDNZ 9th Annual General Meeting and Dinner

The AGM of The Associated Clan Donald Societies of New Zealand was hosted by Clan Donald Otago over the weekend of 4/5th May 2019.

It was held in Mosgiel, a town of approximately 11,000 people, located 15 kms from the centre of Dunedin.

Mosgiel is named after Mosgiel Farm, Ayrshire, the farm of Robbie Burns, the uncle of the co-founder in 1848 of the Otago Settlement, the Reverend Thomas Burns.

There were representatives from Clan Donald Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago who gathered for dinner on the Friday evening at Nellies Restaurant and Bar in Mosgiel.


Elwyn Martin, South Island Commissioner, Murdock McDonald from Auckland, Alan MacDonald, High Commissioner, Roz McKechnie, New Zealand Vice President, Lynnette McDonald, Auckland Vice President and Christine Martin, New Zealand President enjoying dinner at Nellies Restaurant.


The AGM was held on Saturday afternoon at the Mosgiel RSA. A number of Otago members attended the meeting including long time member and Finlaggan Councillor, Bill McDonald.


Elected officers for 2019/20 are;

President/Secretary. Christine Martin
Vice President. Roz McKechnie
Treasurer. Trish McKechnie


Cliff Lockhead, Brent Tomlinson, Elwyn Martin, Bill McDonald, Christine Martin, Trish McKechnie and Roz McKechnie during the AGM.


A good discussion was generated around how member societies could leverage off other local Scottish societies and events in their area, and the value of our Website and Newsletter in promoting Clan Donald.

Attendees were urged to provide articles and photos to Bruce McGechan (Website) and Roz McKechnie (Newsletter), who are both willing to provide assistance and guidance.

A formal dinner was held at the Mosgiel RSA on Saturday night and besides local Clan Donald Otago members we were joined by 3 members from Clan Gunn.


Christine Martin, New Zealand President and Elwyn Martin, South Island Commissioner.


David Moore, Wellington President and Bill McDonald, Finlaggan Councilor from Otago.


Susan Schweigman, Otago President and her husband Peter.


Lynnette McDonald, Auckland Vice President and Cliff Lockhead, Otago Secretary.


Brent Tomlinson from Canterbury and Todd Wall, New Zealand High Commissioner for Clan Gunn.


On Sunday morning we visited the Rowan tree planted in the Memorial Gardens in 1992 to mark the 300th anniversary of the Massacre of Glencoe.


Barrie Paterson, Elwyn Martin, David Moore, Roz McKechnie, Christine Martin, Margaret Dyett, Alan MacDonald, Brent Tomlinson, Lynnette McDonald and Annette Paterson.


This was followed by an excellent brunch at The Topiary Café at Wal’s Nursery and Garden Centre which is set in beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Mosgiel.

A big thank you to the Otago folks for organising a very enjoyable weekend and making us all so welcome.