Scottish Ceilidh Club – Auckland

The Scottish Ceilidh Club held a ceilidh on Friday the 26th of October. Clan Donald Auckland had quite a few members in attendance, to enjoy a great session of ceilidh dancing. Heather Laird, from the club, had a well organised programme, and Jennifer Dean, an Honorary Member of Clan Donald Auckland, called the dances.

Live music was supplied by a group of fiddlers, accompanied by John Hawthorn, from Clan Donald, on his piano accordion.

Cameron, Jennifer Dean’s son, gave a few tunes on the pipes after supper.

It was a great evening with everyone enjoying the dances, and the next ceilidh by the Auckland Scottish Ceilidh Club will be a Christmas themed function on Friday the 30th of November.


Clan Donald Members from the left. Mary and Alan Bray, Lynette McDonald, John and Barbara Hawthorn and Doug and Janet Williamson.


More Clan Donald Members. From the left. Annette Paterson, Andrew Wilkie, Doug and Mary Bray, Lynnette and Tom McDonald, North Island Commissioner, John and Barbara Hawthorn and Clan Donald Auckland President Barrie Paterson.


Cameron Dean playing a few pipe tunes after supper.