Clan Donald Canterbury Branch Meeting May 2018

Clan Donald Canterbury held their quarterly meeting on Sunday 6th May. Meetings are always in February, May, August and November and are held in the Forfar Courts Community Hall, 95 Forfar Street, St Albans.

We met at 12.00 pm for a fish and chip lunch prior to the meeting. This provides a popular, and easy, way to enjoy a catch up over lunch. The meeting started at 1.00 pm.

Ann Smith thanked the Canterbury members for all their support for the recent Clan Donald ANZAC forum held in Christchurch. She appreciated their attendance at the various events and their contributions to the fundraising raffles run by the organising committee. Ann advised that the forum itself had been extremely beneficial and our committee had taken on board many of the learnings. They are currently reviewing the setup of the clan stall and how we promote ourselves to prospective new members.

Canterbury has always maintained an active, and varied, calendar of events. This is an important way of maintaining members interest and involvement in the clan. During the meeting, the events for the rest of the year was finalised and has since been published and listed under the Events section.

President Ann Smith congratulated long standing Clan Donald Canterbury members, Colin and Doreen MacDonald on their 70th wedding anniversary which they had celebrated the day before with a lunch put on by their family. They are foundation members of Clan Donald Canterbury. Colin and Doreen, along with Ian Donald, were instrumental in setting up Clan Donald Canterbury in 1991. Colin was president from 1994-96. Colin and Doreen have been very active members, frequently hosting events in their home and attending many events. They both attended the recent ANZAC forum including the dinner that night.

Doreen and Colin MacDonald celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.