Clan Donald Canterbury 27th AGM

Clan Donald Canterbury held their AGM and Branch Meeting on Sunday 11th February. After meeting for many years in the St Albans Community Centre, we have had a change of venue. Our meeting was held in the Forfar Courts Community Hall which proved to be a very satisfactory venue and will be hired for meetings this year.

Ann Smith was elected as president and Margaret Donald was re-elected as Secretary/Treasurer. Ann takes over from Christine Martin who has served as president for 5 years. A vote of thanks was passed for Christine’s contribution as president. Irvine Kinraid has stood down from the committee after providing valuable service for many years.

To commemorate the Glencoe massacre Ann Smith played the pipes and Alan MacDonald read a poem “Massacre At Glencoe” written by American poet, Randy McClave.

The meeting was followed by a very enjoyable barbecue at Alan MacDonald’s house. Although we were not blessed with the normal good weather we have had for this occasion in the past, we were fortunate it stopped raining late afternoon.


Newly elected president, Ann Smith,
supervisors the barbecue chef, Ian Bright


Ian Bright, Elwyn Martin, Christine Martin and Ann Smith