Hororata Highland Games 2017

The 7th annual Hororata Highland Games were held on Saturday 11th November and attracted record crowd of well over 10,000 people plus 12 pipe bands, over 100 Highland dancers, 58 solo pipers and drummers and 20 heavy athlete competitors.

The weather was damp early on but right on queue at 11.00 am as the crowd stilled for the Armistice Day remembrance, the clouds cleared and the sun shone for the rest of the day.

Chieftan for the day, the Hon. Amy Adams has attended every Hororata Games since their inception. The Hororata Highland Games were established as the main fundraising focus of the Hororata Community Trust which was formed after the September 2010 earthquake to help rebuild and promote the wider Hororata community. Amy Adams commented on “how this amazing community pulled together and rebuilt after the life changing earthquakes and right from the start, the Games have been spectacular”

Tom McDonald and Lynnette McDonald from Auckland and John and Patricia McKechnie from Wellington, joined the Clan Donald Canterbury members attending the Clan Donald tent and assisted throughout the day. We had a steady stream of visitors and were successful in signing up 7 new members.

Clan Donald Canterbury member, Ian Bright, assisted by Adrienne Pamment, ran a very successful raffle to raise funds to help with the cost of running the Clan Donald Anzac Forum being held in Christchurch next March.

Taking part in the banner parade (left to right) Ann Smith (Scottish Heritage Council), Colin Cameron (Clan Cameron), Tom McDonald (Clan Donald), Ian and Julie Dickson (Clan Keith).


Pipe band judging watched by a large crowd in fine, warm conditions.


Ann Smith (Clan Donald Canterbury) ran the popular Have A Go At Piping sessions.


Adrienne Pamment and Ian Bright with their raffle stall.


Drawing the raffle prize. Grant Davidson, Chief of Clan Davidson, Adrienne Pamment and Ian Bright.


Liz Fifield, winner of the raffle.