Clan Donald Hawkes Bay Dinner and Kirking of the Tartan 2017

Clan Donald Hawkes Bay held its Annual Dinner in the Community Centre, Havelock North on 1 July 2017 to coincide with International Tartan Day. The number attending was 31, somewhat down on the year before but a good turnout nonetheless considering that the event clashed with a Rugby Test between the Lions and the All Blacks.

We were very pleased to welcome North Island Commissioner Tom McDonald and Lynnette, and Wellington representatives John and Trish McKechnie.

North Island Commissioner Tom McDonald and Lynnette McDonald


The evening commenced with a Haggis Ceremony, conducted by David McDonald with Piper Maurice Chisnall and Sword Bearers Tom McDonald and John McKechnie. We were then entertained by Highland Dancing by young Abby Scarborough, who was presented with a cheque in token of our appreciation.


The Haggis Ceremony. From the left Guard Tom McDonald, Baird David McDonald, Guard John McKechnie, Greg Rowe, Piper Maurice Chisnall. Bruce Parker and Mike Topham from Clan Cameron.



Highland Dancer Abby Scarborough


Piper Maurice played a selection of music and the audience joined in singing some well-known Scottish songs. The piping, needless to say, was excellent. The singing could be described as interesting.

Clan Piper Maurice Chisnall playing a selection of Scottish music.


All in all a very pleasant evening in good company, which we will certainly repeat next year, when we can expect better numbers. As is now our usual custom, we invited people outside the Clan Donald family and it certainly helps in terms of increasing the number attending and giving a bigger group to socialize with. There are certainly plenty of people out there with an interest in things Scottish.

From the left, Mr and Mrs John Yorke and 3 visitors from Scotland, who expressed to the President David McDonald, an appreciation of the Haggis.


Clan Donald Hawkes Bay President David McDonald and Clan Donald member Doug McGechan.


From the left, Tim and Denise Godfrey, Peter Mackie, Maurice Chisnall, Kathy Watson and David McDonald.


From the left, John McKechnie, Lynnette McDonald, Trish McKechnie, Mrs Rowe and John Rowe.


From the left, Val and David Daysh, Mike Seawright, Brendan Miller, Doug McGechan and Jill Macdonald.


From the left, Trish Topham from Clan Cameron, Liam Parker-O’Brien, Brooke Parker-O’Brien, Linda Parker, Ruth and Bruce Parker


The following morning, Sunday 2nd July, the Kirking of the Tartan was held at St Columba’s Presbyterian Church across the road from the Community Centre and was attended by a Clan Donald contingent. The Kirking of the Tartan is an annual event at St Columba’s and this year it was led by Rev Craig Kilgour, wearing his kilt for the occasion. Piper Maurice Chisnall, as he always does, attended the service and piped the minister in and out. The final song was Flower of Scotland, accompanied by Maurice on the pipes. The leftover Haggis was warmed up and served to the congregation with morning tea after the service, and proved very popular. A group of Clan Donald people then finished the weekend off by lunching together in the pub across the road.

On behalf of Clan Donald Hawkes Bay, thank you to those who attended from Wellington and Auckland to help make it a very successful weekend.