Waipu Highland Games 2017

It was a beautiful warm sunny partly cloudy day for New Years day at Waipu, unlike last year, which was completely washed out.

Clan Donald, as Host Clan, led the Clans March, behind the Waipu Pipe Band, from the Monument into the Caledonian Grounds to the Avenue of Clans for the flag raising.


The Waipu Pipe Band leading the Clans March into the Caledonian Grounds.



The Clan Donald Colour Party at the conclusion of the Clans March. From the left, Banner Bearer Barrie Paterson, North Island Commissioner Tom McDonald, High Commissioner Alan MacDonald, Lawrie Fear in wheel chair, and Sargeant at Arms Murdock McDonald.


As it was a warm day, the crowds arrived early and were soon chatting with the officials of the various Clans.

The Clan Donald Pavilion had many members and friends calling in for a chat and refreshments.

The Clan Donald Haggis Ceremony was held at 11.30am. The Haggis Party of Guard Carl Bradley, Haggis Bearer Barrie Paterson, Whisky Bearer Alan MacDonald and Bard Tom McDonald, were led by Piper David Harvey, from the gate to the Clan Donald Pavilion. There were many spectators, who were excitedly expecting the traditional ceremony, already crowding the front of the Pavilion.

Tom McDonald gave a great rendition of the Robbie Burns address to the Haggis, and at the conclusion of the ceremony the spectators were able to try a sample.



The Haggis Party arriving at the Clan Donald Pavilion.


Tom McDonald giving the Robbie Burns address to the Haggis.


At 12.30pm the massed bands and the clans paraded around the arena. This was followed by the massed Highland Fling which set the scene for the Official Opening.



The massed bands and clans getting ready for the parade. As the Host Clan Donald led the clans and the Clan Donald Banner can be clearly seen at the rear of the second file of pipers.



The Clan Donald Colour Party, of Carl Bradley and Tom and Lynnette McDonald, is followed by Neil Cameron of Clan Cameron.


After a long, hot, busy and successful day the clans started to pack up around 4pm. Everyone thought that it was a great Highland Games and a great start to 2017.