Once again it was a brilliant sunny day on Sunday the 11th of December for the Clan Donald Auckland Pre –Christmas Lunch. This is the 4th year that the luncheon has been held in the Highlander Bar of the Northcote Tavern, which is well known for their fantastic menu including the famous Sunday Roast, which this year was roast pork.

As members arrived, they were entertained by John Hawthorn playing a selection of Scottish tunes on his piano accordion.



John Hawthorn playing a selection of Scottish tunes.


Clan Donald members and tavern guests were also entertained by the Signals Pipe Band later in the afternoon.



The Signals Pipe Band entertaining the guests.


Andrew Wilkie, Past President  of Clan Donald Auckland, arranged for the band to be present after performing at the local Father Christmas parade. It was a great way to start the Christmas season. And much appreciated by everyone.



Andrew Wilkie playing the pipes in the Signals Pipe Band.


This was the last Event for the President Bruce McGechan, who on his retirement as President, was moving with his wife Halina, to the town of Waipawa in the Central Hawkes Bay.



Halina and Bruce McGechan
The committee sprung a surprise on Bruce, by presenting him with a beautiful Quaich, Scotland’s cup of friendship. Halina was also presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.




However Bruce also sprung a surprise on the committee, by asking them to line up across the bar. He then presented the Quaich, full to the top with whisky, and asked each member to take a sip. This caused great merriment. And at the end the committee demanded that Bruce drink the last drop, to then turn the Quaich over and kiss the bottom. This is a well-known tradition in piping circles.



Bruce McGechan drinking the last of the whisky from the Quaich cheered on by the committee. From the left Immediate Past President Andrew Wilkie, Cindy Bradley, Eileen Clark, Mary McIsaac, Heather Higgins, Barry Paterson, Vice President Carl Bradley, Vice President Lynnette McDonald and partially obscured John Hawthorn.


After such a fantastic lunch and presentation, the members spent the rest of the afternoon chatting over a few drinks.



Heather Lomas and Heather Higgins



Marlene and Laurie Mathews



Mary McIsaac and Geoff Parry



Murdock and Lois McDonald



Heather Higgins and Sandy Burnett.



The Williamson family, Janet, Angus, Dee and Doug.



Friends since the days of the Auckland Ladies Pipe Band. Jean, Dorothy Beale, Carrol Elliott, Flora Brown with Carl Bradley, Vice President, and Eileen Clark.



Barrie Paterson and Margaret Parry.



Cindy and Carl Bradley



North Island Commissioner Tom McDonald and Lynnette McDonald.