The Upper Hutt Highland Gathering was held on Saturday the 7th of November in Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt just north of Wellington. Entry to the Gathering was also free. Clan MacMillan organised the Gathering with financial assistance from the local licencing trust and the Upper Hutt Council. It was a beautiful sunny day and the clan tents were at the top of a natural amphitheatre facing down to the stage.


The Avenue of Clans.


Clan Donald, was flanked on either side by Clan Mackenzie and Clan Campbell in the Avenue of Clans. A Clan Parade was held around 10 o’clock followed by the opening speeches and then Clan MacMillan held a morning tea. Clan Donald took along the haggis, which was cooked by Grant MacDonald, and free samples were given away during the day. One very young clansman gobbled up many samples, and was really happy to eat lots more. Great to start them young. Katheryn MacDonald also brought along a selection of her jewellery to display and sell.


Trish McKechnie and Kathryn MacDonald manning the Clan Donald tent.

People trying out archery.

Trish McKechnie in medieval costume with her husband John in the modern kilt.

Kathryn showing an interested spectator some chain mail.

Young Liam MacDonald in chain mail.


The Upper Hutt Gathering had a medieval flavour and many people turned up in costume. There was Sword Fighting competitions, and Horsemen, Archery, Scottish and Irish dancing and Highland cattle.