Turakina is a small village in the western Rangitikei district in the southern North Island of New Zealand. The Turakina Caledonian Society Inc. was established in 1864 and the first ‘Turakina Highland Games’ were held the same year and are New Zealand’s longest running Highland Games.

In the morning we had cloud cover which made conditions very pleasant but by mid-day the sky cleared and we had a very “warm” afternoon.

Clan Donald Wellington & Districts was well supported by the North Island Commissioner for Clan Donald New Zealand, Tom McDonald, his wife Lynnette (Vice President, Auckland) and Carl Bradley (Vice President & Historian, Auckland). They came bearing the sale goodies for our stall.


From the left, John McKechnie, Clan Donald Wellington, Angus McDonald, President of Clan Donald Wellington, Carl Bradley, Vice President and Historian for Clan Donald Auckland, Tom McDonald, North Island Commissioner and Lynnette McDonald, Vice President Clan Donald Auckland.



Our local members’ David Moore and John McKechnie came and supported Angus McDonald (President) and Patricia McKechnie (Secretary) at the Clan tent.

Outside the Clan Donald tent we were treated to hearing the music and watching the solo piping and solo drum competition. It was a wonderful sight watching the young kids performing admirably in all competition areas.



Carl Bradley, Guard, Angus McDonald, Banner Bearer, John McKechnie (partly obscured) and Tom McDonald, Guard, waiting for the start of the Clans March.



Carl Bradley, Angus McDonald, Tom McDonald and John McKechnie during the Clans March.



Angus McDonald and David Johnston of Clan Johnston examining a Scottish sword.



Scottish Clans’ culture and music continues to have a strong future in New Zealand.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all and a big thanks to the organisers and supporters of the Turakina Games.

Come and support us next year at the 152nd Turakina Highland Games on Sat 30th January 2016. The more the merrier. For full details of this fantastic event visit the organiser’s web site at